The Woodsman

The Woodsman

I treated this event like it was my own and I knew the effect that a large backdrop with amazing graphics had on people. I really wanted to make this film look like the Hollywood Hit it deserved to be, so I got the team on board and we aligned with the goals of our client and started bouncing ideas back and forth on how we could fill 700 seats. We decided to go with 2 backdrops - one being 10’ tall and 20’ long, the other being 8’ tall and 10’ wide. Along with the backdrops we laid down 40’ of red carpet and black rope with gold stanchions. We helped them with exactly what they wanted and that was “To Go Big Or Go Home".

Sales Rep

We had the opportunity to make a small town movie feel like a big Hollywood premiere. Backdrops, red carpets, and lights truly made everyone feel like celebrities!


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